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Try our express tax service to speed up your refund. Its quick and the most efficient way to claim your tax refund.

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Out Tax accountants will advise on tax deductions you can legitimately claim. Maximum Refund Guaranteed!

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We Specialise in tax returns and offer a prompt and convenient over the phone service. No more waiting for your shopfront accountant to book an appointment for you. And no forms to fill out to claim your tax refund. Maximum Tax Refunds!

The Australian workforce receive there annual PAYG statements soon after June 30 each year . Tax returns are due to be lodged by October 31st. The sooner you complete your tax return the sooner you will receive your refund. We will lodge your tax return within 24 hours.

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We can take our fee from your refund if you prefer. This is very popular with our clients. You do not need to provide and credit card details over the phone.

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Talk directly to one of our accountants. We take the time to listen and deliver the best possible result for you

Deductions You Can Claim

The main rule for claiming deductions in your tax return is that they must be directly connected to the job you work in. They can not be a personal expense.

Car & travel expenses

You can claim car and other travel expenses  related to your work. You cannot claim for travel between home & work but you can claim travel between to work places

Clothing, laundry & Dry-cleaning expenses

The cost of buying and cleaning clothing used as a uniform or protective clothing is deductible

Home office deductions

If you use a part of your home as an office you may be entitled to claim home office expenses. There is a set rate method we can apply to calculate your deduction.

Self-education expenses

If your study is work-related you may be able to claim a deduction for self-education expenses In some cases you have to reduce the amount of your claim.

Tools & Equipment

If you purchase equipment or tools for the purpose carrying out your work you are entitled to a deduction. Major expenses may have to be depreciated

Other claims

In principle you can claim any expenses that you have incurred for the purpose of earning income. If an expense is part work related and part personal a proportional claim may be made.

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Our team of accountants are experienced tax consultants, and we do not outsource any of our services overseas. A tax agent* prepares and reviews your return prior to lodgement, and our admin team ensures you receive quick service.